Through programming designed to inform of the educational, social and financial responsibilities of higher education, we prepare minority high school students for successful matriculation in higher education.


Gina Gipson, a graduate of both Morris Brown College and Southern University Law Center was often perplexed by the  number  of minority high school students she came in contact with who had opted to not pursue a college education.  High school graduates would often justify their decision to her by admitting to poor planning, lack of guidance, insufficient funding and underdeveloped life skills.  There were also high school graduates that made an attempt and entered college but fell short of the expectations for some of the same reasons.   

With the increasing number of such scenarios repeatedly being presented to her, Ms. Gipson took action in 2007 and established Make Your Name Great, Inc. in Atlanta, GA, with a two fold purpose.  One, to motivate high school minorities to pursue higher education and secondly, to provide assistance to minority high school students who were preparing themselves for higher education.   

With a vision in her heart, pen and pad in hand and a few key supporters, Ms. Gipson launched the first MYNG Institute (After-school Program) in January 2008 in the West End Public Library Community Room.  By mid year, students were also enrolled in the first MYNG Summer Academy which was held at the Westside Branch YMCA in June 2008.  Two years later, her vision brought MYNG back to her hometown of Philadelphia, PA, where the second chapter was established.  July 2010, MYNG welcomed high school students to Summer Academy Philadelphia.  In 2015 Summer Academy expanded to Miami, FL, Alabama and Buffalo, NY.  

As MYNG continues to grow our organization strives to raise leaders not just in the community, but throughout the world.  "Make Your Name Great" is a term that we believe our students will come to recognize as a reality and not as a possibility. 



Make Your Name Great ("MYNG") Summer Academy is a one week (5 day) college preparatory program offered to high school students entering grades 9-12 for the upcoming school year.  Summer Academy generally meets daily for 3-4 hours.  In Summer 2015 Summer Academy was held in Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, Enterprise, AL, Buffalo, NY and Philadelphia, PA.  In 2016 our goal is a roster of 10 cities hosting Summer Academy.

Summer Academy has three focus areas:  Collegiate Seminar Series, Life Skill Workshops and Community Service.  These focus areas support our mission in empowering students with knowledge to succeed educationally, financially and socially to aide in successful college matriculation.

Collegiate Seminar Series – Each day has a theme of focus for the students.  A few examples of seminars and workshops are Admissions, Financing Your EducationChoosing the College that is Right for You, Academic Preparation, Residential & Dormitory Life.  The seminars are conducted by volunteer higher education professionals that work in the corresponding field, college educated professionals and or college students.  

Life Skill Workshops – Similar t
o the collegiate seminars, the life skill workshops have daily subject matters.  A few examples of life skill workshops are Public Speaking, Networking, Leadership/Team Building, Appropriate Use of Social Media and Conflict Resolution.    

Community Service Activity– One afternoon during Summer Academy program participants may participate in a community service project. The goal is to build leadership, philanthropic and people skills. 

If your organization or company is interested in partnering with MYNG and sponsoring Summer Academy in your city please forward inquiries here and someone from our team will be in contact.


During the calendar school year MYNG host various programs and Saturday boot camps.  The programs and boot camps will be an extension of and build on collegiate workshops offered during Summer Academy. Additionally, a number of the programs and boot camps will target high school seniors and or their parents in an effort to assist with those critical college application and potential scholarship tasks that need to be completed senior year.  

MYNG volunteers act as mentors to our students during the calendar school year and have scheduled video conference sessions to monitor college planning, academic progress and to offer support, encouragement and other related resources.  If you would like to host a collegiate workshop and or boot camp at your high school or organization, please forward inquiries here


MYNG Collegiate Buddy program is an opportunity for program participants to be mentored by college students.  This letter writing and email campaign is designed to build relationships between the college students and program participants that will encourage and enhance the participant’s knowledge of collegiate life. The buddy program will be an effective way of bridging the gap between the concept and reality of higher education. When applicable, MYNG collegiate buddies will be encouraged to attend programs to share their experiences.


MYNG Community Warriors program is designed to demonstrate to students the importance of their contribution to their communities. By volunteering their services, students will be encouraged to recognize the problems in their communities, and provide assistance to those problems, while building a strong sense of leadership and people skills. MYNG team members and community volunteers will work to instill the value of giving back in students at the high school level in an effort to help them continue the same practices at the collegiate level. 


MYNG Job Shadow program entails students shadowing a professional for a full or half work day.  Our mission encompasses high school students transitioning directly from high school to college.  As such, this type of opportunity allows students to gather information on a particular career path or occupation which helps them in choosing target areas of study in college.  The goal is for the host company or organization to:

- Commit to a half to full workday per student
- Provide student a realistic view of a specific job
- Allow student to observe employees on the job
- Allow time for questions from student
- Complete an program evaluation form
- Optional - Complete an activity (mock interviews, resume review, public speaking)

MYNG will hold a workshop prior to Professional Career day to assist students in relating their career day experience to their classes, career pathways, related skill requirements, and post-secondary education options.